• 7 proven ways to fight fatigue

    7 proven ways to fight fatigue

    It is commonly said that we are as old as we feel. But after a long day, we all feel tired. This can therefore at times affect the normal working of the person. Once the person has hit the mid-age suffering from fatigue is one of the most common complaints among people. Thus to be able to function better it is very important to follow steps that will help you to remain active and alert. If you too are suffering from constant tiredness than this blog will help you look at ways that will enhance the activeness in you. So let us together look at steps that will help you to stay active in a day to day life.

    Ways to stay active

    I understand to able to function well it is very important to stay active. These calls for taking steps that will help you fight fatigue and stay active. Therefore there are ways which will help you to stay active all through the day-

    The right intake of food-

    Food plays a very important role in maintaining the activeness in the person. Therefore remembering the following points will help you to stay active on a daily basis-

    •    drink enough water to stay hydrated

    •    The intake of too much coffee can make you feel tired and less productive.

    •    Choose to eat carbohydrate-rich food at breakfast. As it will help you to stay active in the day to day life.

    •    women should choose iron-rich food

    •    to increase the number of fruits and nuts intake to stay active

    The right sleep-

    One of the most common causes of fatigue is not getting enough sleep at night. Therefore here are a few points to remember to stay active-

    •    In an average to stay active, an adult needs about 8 hours of sleep.

    •    Limiting the amount of coffee intake in the evening time will help you to stay active.

    •    To stay active do not read and watch TV on the bed.

    •    Stay active by avoiding the intake of sleeping pills.

    Lifestyle changes-

    •    Excessive smoking can harm the health of a person. Thus making the person feel tired all through the day. Thus to stay active it is best to avoid smoking.

    •    Increase your physical activity. Doing a little exercise will help you to stay active. Exercising helps the person both mentally and physically.

    •    Do not sit for too long in the same place. Doing this will make you feel lazy and inactive.

    •    Excessive drinking too can make you feel tired. Therefore to stay active it is important to avoid having too much alcohol.

    Smart drugs-

    The use of Modafinil smart drug is very useful in stimulating the brain of the person. Thus, helping the person to stay active. It acts in the hypothalamus region of the brain. It stimulates the production of hormones such as dopamine and histamine in the person. The Modafinil smart drug targets the brain thus Modafinil enhances cognition and keeping them active.

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